Excellent treatments
from fillings to implants


By employing the revolutionary Swiss implant system you can receive fixed teeth with implants in just 5 days! Just imagine, having had some missing teeth for years you will be able to chew, eat and smile comfortably and confidently again after just 5 days!

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Crowns, bridges

Cracked, broken, or worn teeth? Grey lines between your crowns and gums? Enjoy a natural looking smile with dental crowns and bridges!

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Dental Hygiene

The dentists and hygienists posess the expertise required to address your unique needs. We have helped hundreds of patients over many years to prevent the build-up of plaque, associated gum disease and to enjoy better oral hygiene.

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Dental fillings resolve a number of dental issues such as discoloured, cracked, broken or sensitive and painful teeth. All you need is one session in order to solve these problems.

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Nervous patient care

Anxious patients are always welcome at our clinic, where we pay particular attention to their concerns. Fear and anxiety are common reasons why patients refuse to seek dental care until more noticeable problems arise, which is why we take this issue seriously, offering a wide range of treatments.

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Root canal treatment

When you can no longer eat or drink without pain and experience sensitivity to hot and cold, in all probability it means that all is not well with your teeth and professional dental advice should be sought.

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Teeth whitening

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice; they’re a sign of health as well as confidence. When trying to make a first impression, many worry about having unsightly teeth, which send a negative signal regarding how you look after yourself.

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