Excellent treatments
from fillings to implants


Work related stress led to teeth grinding, which wore down her teeth.

Crowns / Bridge

This man required extensive dental treatment due to neglect.


This woman’s main problem was her front teeth.

Crowns / Bridge

This lady's front teeth were too big and she was also missing a few teeth.

Crowns / Bridge

This lady's dentures were causing her pain and she wanted a permanent solution.

Crowns / Bridge

This man had bad upper teeth and an old crown and missing teeth from his lower jaw.


This man had severe pain as the dentin layer of a fractured tooth had been exposed.


This man had problems eating and speaking due to dentures and several missing teeth.

Crowns / Bridge

This lady had an old bridge on her upper jaw and was missing some teeth on both sides.


This man's front upper teeth had chipped fillings and he wanted to have whiter teeth.


This man had lost his upper front teeth in a car accident.


The porcelain coating of this man's low quality bridge had disintegrated over time.


This patient had a fractured molar tooth.


This lady had a cavity in her first premolar tooth.


This man was missing his second premolar tooth, but didn’t want to have a 3 unit bridge.


This man wanted to replace his old, broken bridges with new ones.


This lady considered her top front teeth to be too long and she also had missing teeth.


These back molars had old amalgam fillings and made this man anxious.


This man had a molar which was heavily filled, causing him discomfort.


This lady had some old fillings and crowns that she wanted replaced.


This man had lost part of a front tooth in an accident.


Dear Thomas

This is just to let you know that I have now completed my treatment with Tibor Dental and to let you know how happy I am with the whole procedure. Firstly I'm over the moon with my teeth, they really are lovely and so natural looking, I'm smilling all the time I'm so happy with them. I was most impressed with the professionalism of the whole thing. The dentist was fantastic, so pleasant and helpful, the driver was very nice and most efficient. I wish to thank you for your help in pulling the while thing together in such an efficient and pleasant way. I will be phoning you later in the week to make an appointment for my sister to see you as she now wants to get her teeth done. Once again, thank you for all your help and I'm really delighted with my new teeth and will recommend Tibor Dental at every opportunity possible. Kind regards: Sue

(by letter from Sue)

Myself and a friend traveled to Tibor Dental. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and they spoke English very well. To anyone who needs an implant, I can highly recommend Tibor Dental.

(by sms from Patrick)

Hi Thomas,

Just to let you know I had a very sucessful trip to Budapest and I couldn't be happier with the work I had done. The staff at the clinic were excellent as were the staff at the Cotton House Hotel. I really appreciate all your help and support. I am looking forward to my return trip in July for the final stages of the two implants I had fitted and will be in touch as regards suitable dates for the clinic ect. Again Many Many Thanks. Vanessa

(by email from Vanessa)

Myself, my mam and my boyfriend went over to Budapest with Tibor Dental Jan 2010. I have to say we are all delighted with the work we had done, we were nervous at first as you hear all those horror stories, our first day we met the dentist and we all felt so much better he was so nice and the work he done was fab.

(by email from Sarah)

Hi Zoltan,
I’ve left with a very big smile! Thanks to all for excellent service and a fantastic result!

(by sms from Jason)

Hi Tibor,

I would like to thank all the staff for doing a very professional job. I am very pleased with my dental work. I have had both upper and lower implants and crowns and am very happy to recommend the Tibor Dental to all my friends and relative. A specially thanks to Dr. Janos and Dr. David for doing a very professional job. A big thank you to all of you.

(by email from Bernadette)

Dear Tibor,

Thanks a millon for organising my resent trip to Debrecen. I'm very happy to have my bottom teeth sorted after 24 years of depression!! I never thought i would get to this stage at such reasonable cost and I looking forward to going back next september to have the top teeth sorted. Quite simply, I never thought it possible to have curly teeth straightened. I will be in touch with you in early August. Please say thanks to Janos again for me. Tell him that a friend will be with me next time. Best regards, Roland

(by email from Roland)

I went to Budapest in febuary 2010, i was so nervous going in to meet my dentist but when i met him my fears went away he spoke excellent English and went through every detail of what work he was going to do, my biggest fear is the dentist and needles and now i have no trouble of them. i got a lot of work done and i saved a lot of money. i went over for 10 days and ended up getting treatment for 5 days and spent the rest with an excellent holiday.

(by email from Jamie)

Dear Thomas,

Since it is a week since my treatment was finished I would like to give my impression of the whole experience. In general I found Budapest very beautifull and the hotel Meridian (one of your suggestions) was exccelent. The driver Csaba Kovacs was very helpfull too. My treatment was by Eva Kertesz, she seemed to be very good and the treatment was as painless as possible. I am very satisfied with it and it all looks very nice, thank you so much for all your help. Thanks Kind regards


(by email from Antoinette)

Dear Thomas,
Just a quick word to say thanks for everything. Really happy with my work and the team couldn't of made me feel more comfortable. I'll be in touch about future work. Thanks again Kiera

(by txt from Kiera)

Dear Eniko,
Thank you very much for the amazing care and attention you gave to me during my visits. I found all staff friendly and approachable and the results of treatment are wonderful. I will recommend you to friends and family.

(by sms from Brian)

I can’t say thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me this week! I never thought I’d have a smile like one you’ve given me. I’m very grateful to everybody here at the best dental surgery I’ve ever been to! I’m so pleased with what you’ve done for me this week; it’s hard for me to find the words to express my happiness. I’m amazed at the results though, I can’t believe what I see in the mirror now! Thank you again.

(by email from Marion)

Hi Janos,

Thank you for your text messages today, we had consumed our credit on the mobile phone so we could not respond. We have no problems with pain or discomfort since. In answer to your query regarding your work we wish to say that we are totally satisfied with our new teeth. David is very happy with his new smile and is delighted that the work could be done so quickly and so efficiently. For my own part, I came to Hungary more in hope than in expectation as I did not fully understand what was possible and I just placed my trust in you. I had no doubt from the outset that you were going to do a great job but the outcome has far exceeded what I imagined would be possible. To say that I am delighted now would be an understatement. I felt that you worked with the focus and intensity of a true artist and it was my very great privilage to be the beneficiary of your dedicated and pricise work. The best compliment that I can pay you is to say that YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE.... you have improved the quality of my life and Davids life with your expertise and the quality of your work. It has been a pleasure coming to Hungary to visit the dentist, and we appreciated the friendliness and lack of formality in our dealings with you and David. Thank you both for all your help and making it all so easy. Kindest regards: Richard

(by email from Richard)

Dear Thomas,

I apologise that I missed your call earlier today about what time for the taxi to the airport, but my battery for the phone was gone. We had rented an apartment for the stay in Budapest and we must check out at 11.00 a.m. tomorrow. We intend to do some more sightseeing in the city tomorrow 10th and so we will arrange for our transport to the airport ourselves. I hope this does not inconvenience you or the taxi driver Mr. Csaba Kovacs. I finished the treatment today with Dr. Gabor. I am really pleased with the results of the treatment and the services provided by the clinic,Dr. Gabor and his staff. I would highly recommend the service to anyone in Ireland and you may use my contact details for reference by any future patient enquiries. Once again my sincere thanks to all at Tibor for a professional service rendered. Yours Sincerely, Declan

(by email from Declan)

Dear Tibor,

Going to Hungary was a brilliant idea for me. The organisers in Ireland were excellent prior to me leaving. Very helpful and patient with all my questions and worries. Dental treatment and dentists were perfect. NO PAIN! Accomodation was also very nice. Overall, the trip was worth doing. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and delighted I took the plunge to go. Thank you Tibor Sharon

(by letter from Sharon)

Tibor Dental really lived up to my expectations! They got back to me quickly. I was well treated, the staff were friendly and their english were good. The clinic in Budapest was only 5 min walk from my hotel. If I need some more dental work do be done in the future, I would definitely go back. Thank you

(by letter from Helen)

Dear Tibor,

This is just a short note to thank you for your help in organising my trip to Budapest. I was most impressed with Dr. Eva Kertesz and her excellent work. I would also like to mention Csaba your taxi driver, who was very kind and helpful, it made the trip so much easier knowing he was there. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all of them. I'm looking forward to other family members and their friends using the Clinic in the futrure. Again Many Many Thanks. Gillian

(by email from Gillian)

The treatment was vertualy pain free concidering the amount of work we had done. The staff were very friendly and very punctual with appointment. I would heighly recommend the clinic. It is very modern and staff professional. The staff have very good english aswell so there is no confusion with treatment.I would return but not during the winter months as it is very dreary and grey. We went for 7 days in January and we found it very long and boaring. My husband is going back in july for further treatment as implants are done over two stages.

(by letter from Ennis)

Dear Zoltan,

I am so pleased I came to Tibor Dental. I am very pleased with my new smile. Thank you to all the staff for the good organisation and a big thank you especially to my dentist Dr. Eva for the excellent job he has done. I will definitely visit Budapest again. Many thanks for everything. Best wishes. Helen

(by email from Helen)

Dear Tibor,

Having attended many dentists during the past ten years it was re-iterated that my only option would be to lose my teeth and revert to dentures. Dentures being my greatest fear, I sourced private dental care and was advised that implants would be the solution; the prices quoted were totally beyond my means. A work colleague had recently returned from Hungary after treatment and put me in touch Tibor. After a consultation and photos remitted to the dentist I was informed that restoration was indeed possible. Tibor organised flights, accomodation and treatment plan. I had three implants, five teeth removed and entire bottom teeth bridged and crowned. The surgery was extreamly up-to-date and one-to-one personal care and attention received from my dentist was unique to say the least! Tibor monitored and supported me throughout the treatment and my stay in Debrecen. I might add that I managed to go shopping and sight seeing after each treatment. The entire package cost two third of the price I had been quoted for implants alone and i got a holiday too. I will be returning in March to finish my extensive treatment. I have further recommended Tibor to friends and colleagues and would be happy for Tibor to show prospective clients the 'before and after' pictures to validate the authenticity of my recommendation. My best regards: Kim

(by letter from Kim)

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